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Marriage Licence

Please read below for information on who does & what you'll need to do


Click Here to apply for your marriage licence for Kelowna weddings, BC weddings and more. 

Only one member of the couple  is required to apply in person for a marriage licence.

The current fee for a Marriage Licence is $100.00 and must be paid at the time of application. To ensure accuracy of marriage certificates issued after registration and to verify legal age to apply for a marriage licence, primary identification in the form of a Birth Certificate, IMM/Immigration form, Permanent Resident or Citizenship card confirming 1) full legal names 2) birth date 3) place of birth should be provided for both parties. You will also be asked to provide information on your current marital status and address.

In exceptional circumstances, other documents may be accepted, such as a drivers licence or passport.

The Marriage Licence is issued at the time of application, is non-refundable, and may not be extended beyond three months. However, if a Marriage Licence is lost a replacement may be obtained from the original place of purchase.


Content is from BC Vital Statistics Agency

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