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Bridal Shower Games

There are many ways to have fun at your girlfriend's bridal shower or stagette without doing the same old games.  Here are some that we recommend which are fun and interactive! 


Unknown Undies

1- Have each guest bring a new pair of undies in the brides size
2- Hang all the pairs onto a clothes line with clothes pins (fun to decorate the clothes pins if the bride has a certain style or inside jokes) without her seeing who brought which pair.
3- Once everyone has arrived, the bride must guess who brought which pair
4- To make it a drinking game, the bride must take a drink everytime she guesses wrong.
5- Bride gets to go home with tons of new undies to show off to her new husband (much better than langerie as the bride will get way more use out of them)!photo-42.JPG


How Well Do You Know The Bride... Or Groom

Bride Questions:

1- Make up questions that apply to the bride & have her answer them before the party
2- Have the guests answer the questions 
3- The guest who guesses the most questions right wins!

Groom Questions:  (we like this versions best)

1- Make up questions that apply to the groom & have him answer them before the party
2- Have the guests answer the questions (not the bride)
3- Read the questions aloud and have the bride answer them infront of everyone  
4- See who knows the groom best (really funny when it's not the bride!!)  


To get a free PDF of a similar game - email us here


Dreamy Male Crushes  

1- Google a picture of a tuxedo and printed it out
2- Flip through magazines & cut out fun dreamy male celebrity faces and glue them on the tuxedos
3- For the future hubby, cut out his face from a picture
4- Put all the "men" in envelopes and put them at each place setting or bowl
5- Tape the guy to your neighbours forehead without them seeing who it is
6- Go around the room/table asking questions (only yes or no format) trying to guess who is each person
7- DON'T tell the guests that the groom is one of the choices... make sure that the bride gets the groom
8- See how long it takes the bride to guess that her "dreamy male crush" is her husband-to-be


Thanks to for this great idea! 


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