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Top Things Couples Regret Not Doing For Their Wedding

Posted by admin on September 26, 2013

We hear the same regrets from couples after their wedding day is over. Here are the top items we hear brides and grooms say they wish they had done on for their wedding ceremony and reception.  


1. "We didn't hire a wedding planner to be there on the day" - this is one that we recommend to our couples whenever possible.  Do you want to be stressing about missing flowers, keeping the flow of the day, making sure the little details you've put lots of time and money into go missed?  If you're not wanting a full wedding planner, consider a day of co-ordinator!  They will meet with you a couple times before the wedding day to get your timeline in place and keep track of details and vendors.  


2. "The day went by so fast! We don't remember the speeches, funny moments, etc" - yup, this makes our the top of our regrets for sure! Hire a videographer!! We are strong advocates for a wedding videographer knowing first hand how invaluble they are. You can send the video to loved one who weren't able to attend, share the link on Facebook, Twitter and Email! It captures the kindest words said about you as individuals and as a couple. It's a keepsake to look back on each year and to share with your kids. We hear of some couples who look at their wedding video more that their pictures!  


3. "We should have hired a DJ and not used our ipod" - the party is usually the part your guests remember the most and have the most fun during. We've heard of some couples trying to cut costs and use a play list they've made only to have the system cut out mid dance, the songs be too long and guests getting bored.  DJs are professionals who know how to read the croud and what song to play to keep the energy flowing throughout the night.  No matter how much you plan ahead, you will never be able to predict the flow of the music for your night, unless you're psychic... but then you already knew I was going to say that!  lol


4.  "Our (insert name of family member, friend, neighbour) took the pictures to save us the cost of a professional photographer and we're not happy with the ones we got" - yet again, our hearts go out to these couples. Our wedding photographers all have years of experience and know where to be standing at the exact times during the ceremony and reception to get the perfect shot yet not be in the way.  We have heard of photos being over exposed, not having the right timing to capture the tear during the vows, the first kiss, the laughing during speeches and more.  If your budget is an issue and you don't want to break the bank for your pictures, we have many options for you to ensure you won't go broke yet won't end up with a broken heart from lack of photos. 


5.  "Having the cocktail hour too close to dinner time" - timing is always tricky when you're planning your wedding day (this is where a planner would help).  Make sure you think about your guests getting hungry and how long it takes for you to get pictures done between ceremony and reception.  We've heard some couples not getting the chance to eat after pictures as the venue opened up the cocktail hour early (due to hungry guests) and when the bride and groom returned everyone was chatting with them and they didn't get the chance to eat. Make sure you eat on your wedding day, it's an emotional and long day often spent in the heat... start it off right with a breakfast delivery from us and plan your food times appropriatly.  If you'll be serving your guests while you're getting pictures done, arrange with the caterer to put some aside for the wedding party or plan to take some with you!  


6.  "We wish we would have invited more people/less people"  - we hear both sides of this one!  Make sure you go over your guest list and be sure to think about everyone in your lives. Some can be invited to ceremony and dance only (often co-workers, distant friends, etc) to cut costs.  I have been invited twice to a wedding like this and wasn't offended in the least! I was honored they thought to invite me to any part of their special day!  We recommend the 'traffic light' guest list while planning.  Green= people who are a definate yes, Yellow = maybes (eventually make them green or red), Red= they didn't make the cut.  This helps you with numbers and who fits where. 


7. "Wish we had done a dress rehearsal with our officiant" - this is one that we don't hear too often, but when we do we always cringe at the story.  Don't assume that you can set everyone up the way they need to be coming in and standing for the ceremony. There is a reason that rehearsals with the officiant are needed and helpful for the planner to be there too.  This way you're not telling your wedding party one thing and on the wedding day they are being told another. Avoid the confusion and get the heebe geebes of walking down the isle overwith before the wedding day!  


8. "We wish we had stood our ground on what we want" - go with your gut and with what you envision for your big day. Consider peoples opinions and your budget, but make sure to stay true to who you are and what you want as a couple. For example, traditions have changed since your parents got married and not everyone has the same style, do what feels right and you should be on the right track to having the perfect day for you! 


9. "As cheesy as it is we wish that we had slide show of us growing up" - this is one that we hear many couples planning say is 'cheesy' or 'overdone'.  It's a good way to fill the spaces while people are eating, something everyone loves watching no matter how long you've know the couple or which side you know best. Grandparents love it, parents love it and it's cute to see the people you've become and how you fit together.  We love wedding slideshows as corny as they may be!  


10. "We thought it would be cheaper to get our own decor... little did we know it would also be a nightmare!" - there is a reason why decor companies exsist! They are amazing at incorporating your colors, style and they do all the dirty work for you. Make sure you think long and hard if you're prepated to press the linens, all the laundry, dumping vases full of water/flowers/rocks at the end of the night, taking down hanging balls/lights, etc.  You also won't have a garage full of items sitting in your garage for weeks after while you try to sell it.  They often get access to the venues before the average person whichs allows no detail to go missed!  


If you're ever needing a sounding board or a second opinion from someone who isn't personally connected to the wedding, ask us!  That's what we're here for.  We have answers to help with small budgets, big budgets and everything in between.  Our goal is to make your wedding planning fun and stress-free resulting in a wedding perfect for you! 

We look forward to hearing from you and hearing about your big day! 

xoxo Jenn 


Posted by KC on
Hi I loved your top ten “regrets” so to speak...not sure you realized how many spelling mistakes you have in the article..
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