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Narrowing Down Your Wedding Ideas

Posted by admin on October 11, 2018

Planning your wedding can be super exciting and super overwhelming all at the same time!  

When we got the ball rolling for our wedding, we started out like many people.. with a Pinterest board!   I had been posting ideas that caught my eye over the years, so it was time to filter through what we still liked and what was no longer our taste.  This helped eliminate a bunch of ideas that were all over the map (at one point I was really into carnival themed weddings apparently? And Black, White and Gold stripped stuff?  Wow did that ever change!).  


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Ryan + I chatted a lot about what colours we wanted, the over all feel of the day (for us this became the theme 'fun' which many of our vendors laughed at... but we pulled it off in the end) and of course keeping in mind the cost of things we could afford.  I love the idea of an accent colour being a metallic, but Ryan wasn't a fan of that.  We did discovered we both really liked copper, then with navy, white, grey, wood and cement elements our theme was born!  

I went through Pinterest with him and chose the images we loved the most, the things we wanted to try and have show up at our wedding.  I created a viison board we referred back to, shared with our vendors, anyone involved in assisting with decor especially.  This really helped everyone stay in the same head space for what we were trying to achieve (I made this using PicMonkey - a great free, easy to use online program). 


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So my advice to you now, is stop reading, and go narrow down your Pinterest board... and if you don't have one started then start, it's fun and super helpful!  Search for things you've seen or thing you want to try and make happen!  If you're stuck, want fun ideas or need more help- just ask us!  We're more than happy to offer suggestions and help narrow down the hundreds of wedding ideas!  


Hope this helps for now!  

xoxo  Jenn 

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