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Lovely Lavender

Posted by admin on July 11, 2012

Lavender Latte or Mocha both hot or cold - come relax and plan! 


Lavender is a natural and delicious way to add color and scent to your wedding.  Try having it as your bouquet, centrepieces, favours or as a signature drink- like ours!! 

Screen_shot_2012-07-11_at_11.17.16_AM.png  Lavender Boutonnier


Screen_shot_2012-07-11_at_11.18.00_AM.png  Screen_shot_2012-07-11_at_11.17.40_AM.png  




Posted by Luiz on
What a sweet blog!!?! I can't wait to hang out again! Hope to see you soon . Sorry Cassie and I were all over the place at Sarah's wedding .some of our pitcerus just screamed: "I'm right here Renee, take my picture!"Hilarious.
Posted by Citra on
Lovely shots. What a great way this is to get additional bdiarl shots, but without the rush or stress that follows trying to steal the time during the wedding day itself.
Posted by Deborita on
So I looked at these periucts last night before bed and they made my jaw drop! I have only been playing around with photography (not professionally just for fun) for 9months or so now (cense my daughter was born) and to get inspiration I have looked at SO many different photographers works and your taste the rainbow wedding shot literally kept me from falling asleep last night (as hard as i tried) i couldnt stop thinking of how beautiful and thoughtful your photos are! I hope to one day be that talented! I would have emailed you this to not sound like some crazy person but i couldnt find it haha! And to be self taught is even more amazing! Lovely wedding shot! thank you for being such and inspiration!-Corie
Posted by Harish on
I've been following your work for sveeral months since I stumbled upon your blog searching for images of weddings with groomsmen in tuxes. My fiance and I have been taking pictures for ages and people keep asking for sessions so we've decided to start off our business and I love drawing inspiration from you. I love that you captured the sun flare to make the perfect rainbow ring around the couple. The image of them in the field with the light streaming through the clouds is breaktaking. Thanks for sharing your work!
Posted by Letitia on
Hey, sublte must be your middle name. Great post! [url=]nurjhxjnpx[/url] [link=]gvyaxkyjpui[/link]
Posted by Aldilene on
ok..that was one of the most beautiful tihngs I have ever seen. I'm just starting out in doing professional photography and I hope one day I'll be able to shoot something as beautiful as that. I've been looking through your pictures all night and you seriously are one of the most talented photographers i have ever seen..the way you use props is incredible. you are sooooo talented. Thank you for sharing the amazing gift god gave you to me.
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