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Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue

Posted by admin on June 2, 2012

Have you pictured exchanging vows when you watched William and Kate in Westminster Abbey?  Dreamed of feeling the sand between your toes like the final scene of 27 Dresses? Imagined an tent outdoors during My Best Friends Wedding and yet still don't know what you will do?  


Picking your ceremony and reception venues can be more overwhelming than you ever thought! Here are some things we recommend if you're needing some help. 

Step 1: How many guests will be attending your wedding?  Do you have a rough idea of your guest list? If not this is a good time to sit down with your fiance and go over who will be invited.  This will determine which venues will be able to hold your total number of guests.  Some venues won't take more than 30 guests, while other venues require a minimum of 120 guests.  We recommend, if you can, come into The Wedding Cafe store and look through all our venues. Ask anyone working here to help narrow down your choices based on numbers.  Alternatively look through the venues on our site, call or email us anytime!  

Step 2: Do you want your ceremony and reception to be at the same venue, separate or does it not matter to you?  This will help determine which venues do both, only one and which are close to each other if you're going to be travelling in between. 

Step 3: What is the typical weather for the time of year you're getting married?  Consider rain, snow, wind and extreme heat (especially in the Okanagan)!  Would you be ok if it started to rain during the ceremony?  Are you protected from wind?  Consider the 'mother nature' elements. 

Step 4: Do you need any special requests for mobility impared guests, room for kids, hotel rooms, etc?

Step 5: What is your budget? Consider food, beverage, table rentals, glasware, cuttlery, staffing etc. Many times people think that if you go with a hall it will be less to rent therefore less all around... but make sure you do the math. Some caterers don't include all the plates and glasses, so that will be an extra expense for you. When in doubt ask us! 

Step 6: Many times you can save on the cost of your ceremony site when you have your reception there as well. Make sure you look at this as an option to cut the cost. 

Step 7: Where do you want your wedding party and family pictures taken? Is your venue close and accessible to those special spots? This isn't the biggest factor when picking your venue, but make sure you allow enough time either before/after the ceremony for pictures and potential travel time. 

Step 8: How much decor do you need to do/want- consider the walls, ceiling, chairs, tables and lighting. These are all things which can add some creative fun, yet also increase your costs. Take a look at the venue as many places are beautiful and don't need lots of extra stuff.


If you need help at all- you know we're always there to help you find your ideal venue which fits your style, guests, budget and vibe!  

Happy Planning! 

xoxo Jenn 



Posted by Micah on
There are different factors that must be considered when choosing a wedding venue especially if you want to make the best memories from a very special day in your life.
Posted by Shekhar on
We did an outdoor widedng and an indoor reception in May. We knew it was going to be a toss-up for a May widedng to be a clear day, but everything worked out! We wanted the widedng to be outdoors because we love being outside and going on adventures together. Plus, spring is such a beautiful time of year, with flowers blooming and the weather still being mild. It was a gorgeous day too! We loved everything about our outdoors widedng. We had the reception indoors to have a back-up in case of rain and it was lots easier to plan/set-up for. +2Was this answer helpful?
Posted by Denise on
Outdoor weddings can be beiuatful, but I agree that they may not always bring big cost savings due to rentals, including air conditioning/heating units, restrooms and decor. Weather is a concern, and if you have elderly guests, it's important to realize that many of them may not be able to stand being outdoors in the sun, wind, etc., for a long time. We went with an indoor location partly for this reason. +11Was this answer helpful?
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