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Posted by admin on April 18, 2013

Wedding centrepieces at your reception pull together the whole look and feel of your table setting. 


They help create the mood that your guests, whether it's elegant and formal or fun and chic!  Depending on your tables, they are not necessary but consider your table style (cirle, one long) and what the view you want people to see.  

Flowers are the most popular choice for centrepieces at a wedding. They are traditional and make the room feel fresh and alive.  To save money, talk to your florist about which ones will be in season. Be sure to stick with the same color palate and theme as the rest of your wedding.

If you're doing vintage consider adding some twine, an old tea pot or an old book display. 


Screen_shot_2013-04-18_at_11.30.04_AM.png Screen_shot_2013-04-18_at_11.31.53_AM.png

If you're looking for a more traditional floral centrepiece consider a square vase and big flowers. Consider the heights on your vases to allow guests to see across the table and adding different levels to your table. 

Screen_shot_2013-04-18_at_11.41.27_AM.png Screen_shot_2013-04-18_at_11.46.22_AM.png Screen_shot_2013-04-18_at_11.55.52_AM.png Screen_shot_2013-04-18_at_11.37.55_AM.png 

If flowers aren't fitting your vision or budget, consider using candles, rocks, sand, fruit or cupcakes (that look like flowers)!  Think outside the box and with your theme to create a look that will pull your whole room together! 

Screen_shot_2013-04-18_at_12.05.59_PM.png Screen_shot_2013-04-18_at_11.43.55_AM.png Screen_shot_2013-04-18_at_11.44.25_AM.png Screen_shot_2013-04-18_at_11.41.54_AM.pngScreen_shot_2013-04-18_at_12.18.19_PM.png Screen_shot_2013-04-18_at_12.21.54_PM.png Screen_shot_2013-04-18_at_11.43.24_AM.png Screen_shot_2013-04-18_at_12.08.34_PM.png


Whatever you choose make sure it fits who you are as a couple!  If you like to travel, consider adding elements of the places you've visited. If you like a certain sport, consider adding in little touches of that to your tables. Have fun and if you get stuck... come talk to us!  


Happy Planning! 
xoxo Jenn  


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