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5 Tips To Your Perfect Proposal

Posted by admin on March 9, 2017

Are you thinking of proposing or know someone who is? A marriage proposal is a special moment in your life, and one that (hopefully!) you look back on fondly and with no regrets. Life happens and things may not go exactly as planned – you may get interrupted by a phone call, the fireworks you planned never appear, or you get too choked up to get the words out. Keep these tips in mind to help things go as smoothly as possible, and make for your perfect, memorable moment.



  1. Practice kneeling down.

Try it right now! More challenging than you anticipated, right? Will you be kneeling on a flat surface or a hill? Wood floor, carpet or grass? Which leg will you bend? Will you kneel forward or back? Are you able to effectively take a knee while speaking from the heart? Practice this kneel, so when the moment comes you don’t lose your balance and topple over. An unanticipated injury may put a damper on your proposal plans!


  1. Ask for family’s blessing or support.

Whether you choose to go the traditional route and ask your partner’s father, or another family member is up to you. It will, however, be even more meaningful if you have the support of family behind you. Before proposing, my fiancé shared his plan to propose with my Mom, Dad, and sisters, and asked for their support. I had no idea that he would approach all of my immediate family, but I am so incredibly glad he did! It shows that he knew I needed all of their support in order to tie the knot!

  1. Decide whether it will be private or in front of a crowd.

Is your partner someone who loves attention and wants a cheering crowd when they say yes? Or are they someone who prefers a private moment shared between the two of you? As the proposer, what type of environment do you want to propose in? Will you be encouraged by a group of your most supportive family and friends to give you the courage to ask the big question? Or do you want to speak from the heart and have a meaningful intimate conversation to your soon-to-be-fiance without the pressure of others watching.  


  1. Document it.

Proposals tend to feel like a whirlwind!  At the time, the recipient of the proposal may not realize that one of the biggest moments in their life is occurring. After I was proposed to, I immediately tried to remember everything that happened – the feeling of giddiness, the sun on my face, the way my hands were shaking, and all the wonderful things my fiancé had said. Given the sensory overload, try to capture the moment in some way:

  • Take a photo of yourselves as a newly engaged couple

  • Have a photographer capture it for you

  • Write down your emotions in a journal

  • or tell a friend immediately before you forget all the details.  

  1. Laugh it out!

Particularly if the proposal is a full surprise, you will never fully know how either of you will react. For me, I was in such shock, and it didn’t hit me until later. My fiancé was sweet, emotional and tearful leading up to, during, and after he proposed. I didn’t shed a single tear (I swear I am sensitive too!), until almost 24 hours later; and then I couldn’t stop crying. My initial verbal response was, “Are you serious? For real?” (Luckily followed by several enthusiastic screams of “YES”). Having never considered or practiced how I would respond when I was proposed to, I oddly snatched the ring box containing the ring out of his hand before he had a chance to put the ring on my finger. My logic is that I was making room between us to go in for a hug…  Thinking back to it now, it sounds way too hilarious, but it is also a real and honest part of our engagement story.

Regardless of how either of you react, as long as you remain your genuine selves (and you laugh about it later!), and savor this special milestone in your life, it will create YOUR perfect proposal story. If you are currently engaged or married, what is your engagement story, and what amazing or hilarious things happened during that moment?








Resources: - rocky point - crowd - photographed with flowers - sunset - sand proposal

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