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10 Reasons We Love Photobooths

Posted by admin on April 4, 2012

Photobooths are the best thing since sliced bread!  Ok, some might argue with me but they are definately a huge hit with weddings! 


Have you ever been to a wedding and taken home a favor that sat on the back shelf and collected dust until you eventually tossed it in the trash? Or maybe you didn't even take it home from the reception (fact: alot of favors are left behind at the wedding)? Well these are a couple of the many reasons why Photobooths have become an amazing item at weddings! Let me count the ways...

1- Every generation loves them! They bring back memories of the photobooths in the mall and carnivals allowing everyone to tap into their youth! 

2- Guests will fight over who gets to take it home! You won't be finding many of these "favors" left behind. They are a hot commodity especially when the photo strip incorporates a group of people.

3- One-of-a-kind guest book! Get the guests to take photos and paste their photo strips in a scrap book then sign by their photo! Guests get creative and think of the box, giving you a guest book you'll actually want to look back at. 

4- Create memories to last a lifetime! I have many photostrips all over my fridge, bulletin board and vision board which make me smile each and everytime I look back at them. I value my reltaionship with the happy couple and those in the photo with me. 

5- Wacky Pics! You get a copy of all the photos that were taken at the end of the night on a CD! Post them on facebook orincorporate them into thank you cards! The opportunities are endeless to using these great images. 

6- As your reception continues into the night, often your photographer isn't there into the wee hours to capture the party in full swing. The Photobooth allows you to capture parts of the evening which might otherwise be forgotten. 

7- Crazy, Sexy, Cool! People come out of their shell when they walk into the photobooth. Often guests aren't going to act silly infront of your photographer- but they sure will in here! Kisses, clothing swap, costumes, mid laughter- you'll get it all... some of which you might rather live without. Which reminds me, get your MC to announce that the couple gets a copy of all the photos at the end of the night so don't do anything you don't want them seeing! These Photobooth companies all come with a trunk full of fun costumes to add some spice to the photos! 

8- Keep it in theme! You can deisgn your own message to be at the bottom/top of the photo strip. Most popular include "Barbie + Ken August 22 2012" or "Thanks for sharing our sepcial day" or your wedding logo/themed color & design. 

9- Talk to your Photobooth company about doing your Save The Dates on the photostrip! Invite your guests to your wedding and give them a teaser of some of the fun to be had at your wedding at the same time! 

10- After all the planning is complete, after the vows, the happy tears, the kind words and the stellar dance moves you're going to want to look at the photos/video right away! These will be the first pictures you get to remenice upon and smile at with your new husband/wife! 

Caught In The Booth - Photo Strip  

Caught In The Booth - Photobooth 

ScrapBook.jpg Okanagan Digital Media Productions - Guest Book 


EVT00154_10-08-26_21-11-snap2.jpg Okangan Digital Media Productions -  Single Image 


Last_Photo_in_Gallery.jpgOkanagan Photostar - Single Image


Posted by All Inclusive Wedding on
I love photo booth cause i can make diff. kinds of post in just a minute.Normally takes 3 minutes right?
Posted by Putra on
mabel~ yupyup.. i do VERY MUCH agree that wednidg pix (including makeup, hairstyle, gowns etc) have to be timeless . and match w/ the whole thing don't worry~ =) you did a VERY VERY good job in understanding what your clients want. =) and i LOVE what you did w/ my hair~ ^^ +oil mabel~!!
Posted by xgfdowl on
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Posted by Iola on
with friends and falimy back in Boston. a0As usual, Amanda came along for the day and rocked the photobooth, but we also had a0the super talented Kevin Trimmer come along and shoot with us. a0Thanks so much
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